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The dummy worked very well for our pre-employment testing, and the use that our current employees have already given it. I'm estimating that we have dragged the dummy over 15,000 feet on both concrete and asphalt surfaces.

-Nathan L. Herlocker, Training Coordinator Botetourt County Department of Emergency Services

Firefighter/Paramedic Nate Peters welcomes the Rugged Red Rescue Dummy to the Mentor Fire Department.

New Training Aide: Last week Mentor Fire Dept. took delivery of a 165 lb Rugged Red Rescue Dummy. Firefighter/Paramedic Dominic Vivolo had recommended this dummy as a result of a truck company operations class he took at Bowling Green this Spring.

-2008 September 12, Fire News Mentor Wiki

I bought one of your original Big Blue dummies (pictured above) many years ago for solo practice at home. After hundreds of hours of being tossed around my basement, he still looks like new. I thought about upgrading to the new deluxe dummy, but mine is still in perfect shape and working great!

-Don Cunningham, Nidan Kodokan Judo, November 2004. Author of Secret Weapons of Jujitsu and Taiho-Jutsu: Law and Order in the Age of the Samurai

Who is Frank Shamrock? This is Frank Shamrock with his Big Blue. Learn more at his website.

This is Adam and he is demonstrating his Judo throw with the new dummy we named "Butchie"! The Matthews Police Athletic League enjoys"Butchie", which is our newest dummy, because it fits the smaller sized Judoka. Adam is 5 years old and can throw "Butchie" around with the greatest of ease. "Butchie" doesn't mind being the "Uke" at all, which makes him a wonderful addition to our school. Thanks for making it possible for the even the smallest Judoka to have a partner!

-Debbie Rucker, October 2002

"To be the best you must train with the best. You have all heard that. It's also true with training equipment. That's why I use BIG BLUE! This is one of the best pieces of training equipment that I have ever used. To be the best, use the best."

-Bart Vale, World Shootfighting Champ and Olympic Coach



Read what the experts say about our training dummies:

We understand the requirements that Fire and Law Enforcement Academies demand. Don't be fooled by lower priced products with inferior quality. Our dummies are tough and built to last! But, don't just take our word for it; read what the pros have to say about our training dummies.

We offer a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects!

Our products are so Tough! Just a reminder that the Melting Point of Cordura Fabric is 358 degrees C. So, at that temperature the fabric should begin to melt. Please don't put Rugged Reds, Kids Reds or Police Model training dummies against open flames. Also, the fabric is water resistant, but not waterproof. If questions, please give us a call at 307-266-4662.


Mark Bridges, Senior Instructor/Training Coordinator - Industrial Emergency Council, (805) 990-1497, January 2022

Our Company provides hazardous materials training to fire departments and military bases throughout California. We have been searching for life like dummies to use in rescue scenarios. We discovered the Econo Man dummy from OK Fine Productions several months ago and purchased two of them. These dummies are perfect in every way from cost, to durability and weight. Most dummies are too heavy for rescue scenarios and the weight of these dummies is perfect for realistic rescues practice without the extreme weight and awkwardness of others. I highly recommend these dummies for training and we will certainly be purchasing additional ones in the future!


Check out this photo of Instructor training for Disabled Sports USA (2019-2020) using the Extrication Model Rugged Red Deluxe OPT2






Miranda Hayes, Niagra Emergency Management, July 2019

First, I would like to say we absolutely love our Rugged Red! Before we started really getting it dirty, we took it to our High School Traffic Safety Fair and an event where we had a tent set up for Volunteer Fire/EMS recruitment. Teens at the fair and recruitment event were challenged to "Beat the firefighters time". Young children especially liked trying to pull the child-size. It was such a big hit that we decided we would like to continue this at future events.


RE: Police Model with Realistic Hands - "Thank you all so much. We have already taken it out on a SWAT training day and used it for some Bean Bags and 37MM KO1 baton rounds. We are very impressed so far."


Sergeant - Operations Bureau, Matt McLaughlin Blue Springs Police Department,,City of Blue Springs, Mo, May 31, 2016

"Our Sheriff's Office has been using the Rugged Red dummies for several years now and we have been thrilled with their durability. We went through several brands prior to using the Rugged Red and they were destroyed during our training and physical fitness qualifications. We have several variations of the Rugged Red dummies now and they have all held up flawlessly throughout our very harsh treatment. The 25lb weight belt provided by OK Fine Productions has helped safely change our dummy weight and is just as robust and reliable as the Rugged Red. Training dummies are essential for helping keep our deputies in shape and prepared for real life emergencies and these are hands down the best we've used. I can't speak highly enough about the help and service provided by OK Fine Productions...buy from them with ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE."


Corporal David Marsh Forsyth, County Sheriff's Office, April 19, 2016


"Thank you so much for providing us such an exceptional piece of equipment!

Captain Michael Gottner CMJ, Travis County Sheriff's Office


Why use our HazMat/Water Rescue Dummy?

"We use them all of the time, and they are amazing"
(Reference to our Rugged Red Rescue Training Dummies)

Randal D. Watkins-Alerrt Range Tactical Logistics Coordinator/ Range Operations, 2013


In October of 2007,Wyoming Medical Center conducted a drill that involved receiving patients because of a simulated chemical assault here in Casper. During that drill, personal property was damaged and a couple of volunteers became extremely cold. In order to receive patients into the ER, many procedures must take place. One procedure is to decontaminate, or remove the chemical from an injured patient before they enter the clean ER environment. Some patients are incapacitated or traumatically injured and must be cleaned by trained staff members. Manually decontaminating trauma patients can subject health workers and volunteer patients to injury and damage to personal property. Some examples are hypothermia, accidental dropping from backboard due to the wet and cold shower environment, broken glasses/hearing aides, removing clothing and other liabilities. To minimize problems associated with decontamination drills, I approached you with an idea of creating a Decontamination Dummy to replace contaminating trauma volunteer patients. The Dummy you have produced has been well received and will now take the place of non-ambulatory volunteers. In addition to decontamination, this new Decon Dummy can also be used as mock patients during "Surge Capacity" drills. I'm quite certain that more uses will arise.

Mike W. Magee, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Wyoming Medical Center, 2009


" Wow, looking at your site I can see that more folks have discovered you guys. Great for them and great for you too! Our Big Blues are still undefeated! I haven't been able to find one student capable of making one groan, ha ha ha...They are invaluable for our little wrestlers , we use the Baby Blues for the most aggressive applications; saves on nose bleeds and skinned foreheads. We use them for our; Judo-Sombo-Wrestling disciplines and are completely satisfied. The Blues have just about made our former dummies obsolete! We will be purchasing again this year!

Coach Bob Charette, Stars-n-Stripes International, Billings, Montana Visit them at snswrestling.com


Our department ordered seven of the police model, Blue Man Training Dummies approximately five years ago. These dummies have withstood an unbelievable amount of use over the years, and have held up far beyond our initial expectations. We originally purchased dummies from another company, and found that they just were not holding up to the demands we were putting them through. Some were breaking after only a handful of training sessions. Our OK Fine Productions Blue Men have withstood many years of handcuffing, strikes, kicks, and take-downs from our officers, and are still going strong. These dummies have without a doubt paid for them selves many times over in regards to injury prevention. We were also very pleased at the overall value and quality of the Blue Men Dummies. This takes into consideration that they were one third to one half the price we were paying previously for the ones from the other company. And again, those were breaking after only a few sessions. OK Fine Productions has always treated us with the utmost care and professionalism, and is truly committed to top notch customer service. Sharon has always been right there to answer any questions, or take care of any follow up requests, etc. She has been a true pleasure to work with, and every company should have someone like her representing them. Thanks again OK Fine Productions for your professionalism, and an excellent product!

Cpl. Steve Martin Conservation Officer Michigan Department of Natural Resources - Law Enforcement Division


I would like send you this letter stating how effective your Rugged Red Rescue Dummy has been to our Fire Department. We have been using drag dummies for over 20 years and yours is the most durable, reinforced, and human-like that we have ever used. Rugged Red has held up superbly to the rigors of annual testing, recruit academies, oncoming exams and fire science students. We appreciate your development of a great product and your commitment to the fire service. Incorporating Rugged Red into our Rapid Entry Team program has been a benefit to our personnel and a positive experience. I strongly recommend the use of a Rugged Red Dummy to any fire department.

-Kenneth S. King, Division Chief/EMT, Casper Fire Department, September 2005


"We still use the old 30 lbs. Big Blue Dummy that I purchased from O.K. Fine Products in the mid 90's! It is still used by Police departments and Fighters at the Massachusetts Submission Academy. Big Blue's toughest test of durability was control scenarios where Big Blue is being pulled hard by multiple Officers pulling against multiple subjects. After neck, joint locks, and the focus of "tug or war" type scenarios Big Blue stands the test of time!" "Big Blue is a high quality product."

-George Vranos, creator of the video…"Fast action Control Techniques for Law Enforcement and Security Professionals" Check out his F.A.C.T . Video at factvideos.com, August 2005


The Big Blue Dummy was my best training partner for years. It definitely made a big difference in my Judo, especially when I needed a partner who can take a lot of punishment. We all know, if you compete in national and international level judo tournaments, you are going to need a partner who does not quit on you. Big Blue became my best partner for throwing over and over without complaints. Any serious judo or jujitsu player will need the Big Blue dummy to take him or her to a different level.

-Ahmed Khago, 3rd Place World Masters Judo Championship, July 2001


I got my dummy on Monday. It's great! I put him in a gi and some old chemical warfare boots for protection. He gave me such a good workout that I had sore muscles. His head has just the right amount of resistance for strikes; I tried hooking slaps, elbows, headbutts and boxing combinations. I showed it to Burton Richardson, my JKD instructor, and he was impressed. Now if I can get him to buy a couple for our school because it's hard to find anyone who'll let me throw them full-power on concrete floors with 1.5 inch mats, he he he. Thanks for a great product.

-Shelton Yamashiro, Customer, March 2001


I purchased a Big Blue about five years ago and my dojo, The Metro Fight Club, and I have been using it ever since. It is great!

-Walter A. Lamb, Fourth Dan Judo, Coach-Metro Fight Club, January 2001


"I've got to give the dummy an enthusiastic two thumbs up. It is an excellent training device for any grappler, regardless of how much experience you have. In addition, its a superb training tool for the puncher and kicker. You can't go wrong with this dummy. You'll improve your skills by leaps and bounds."

-Mike Young, Martial Arts Training, May 1999


"Using the dummies has increased the students' techniques by over 45%."

-6th Degree Judo Black Belt, Fred LeMond, National and International Judo Competitor (Has all of his students train with the 60# Big Blue and the Kid's Dummy)


"In my opinion, the grappling dummies from OK Fine Productions are the best training aids I have ever seen for ground control techniques and takedowns. I highly recommend them for police departments who are training their officers in Ground Control."

-Detective Dante Diotalevi, of the Emeryville, California Police Department (Using the Big Blue Dummies for all Tactical Training Seminars)


"Recruits can now practice lethal techniques without fear of injury. The dummies are extremely well made and durable and have exceeded our wildest expectations."

-Land Force Central Command, Canadian Army (Uses the Big Blue series for hand to hand combat and sentry elimination)


Who We Are-

OK Fine Productions makes the longest lasting products for all military branches, first-responders, martial arts studios and more! Duns Number is 019684088. We can provide a sole source letter and are registered on the SAM.

I have been using a 60lb big blue dummy for about three years now. I use it as a supplement to my actual judo training when I can't make it to the dojo. ( I'm a full time firefighter, husband and father of three) I recently took two silver medals in the recent World Firefighter Games for Judo, held in Liverpool UK. I was the only USA representative for Judo. I took silver in the -100kg division and in the 0ver 35 -100kg division. Anyway I am very happy with your product and would like to write a testimonial for you. I know you have some big names that have done that but I thought you might want an everyday guy write one. Since I have started using my Big Blue Dummy as a training supplement I have gone on to win my 5th ID state Judo championship, I am the 2008 Yorkshire and Humberside Judo champion and of course now the two silver medals at the WFG08. Fred LeMond is my former college coach and I believe he has written a testimonial for you. Well here are some pictures of the event. I'm the one with a shaved head. Keep up the good work.

-Wesley Beach, Asst. Fire Chief, Menwith Hill Fire Dept., October 2008

I'm well know for my throws in competitions such as ESPN 2 Strike Force and K-1 super fights. Your training partner can only take so much abuse but when you have these dummies to train with you can really develop powerful throws. I use the dummies any chance I get to, it has enhance my throwing techniques and wrestling condition.

-Cung Le, October 2004

George Vranos uses the Big Blue Dummy in his training routine. View a video clip using our dummy along with a preview of his training DVD.

Order your copy of George Vranos' DVD "FACT System- Fast Action Control Techniques." for only $29.95. Click here to see how to order it for only $10!

"After countless hours of heavy use, the dummy showed no signs of breaking, wearing down, or getting tired. Even the heavily used areas such as the neck, arms and legs showed no signs of wearing out. I had my students punch and kick the dummy as hard as they could. Despite the beating, the dummy kept on ticking."

-Mike Young, Martial Arts Training, May 1999


"We have used our dummies for 8 to 11 hours a week for the last 2 years and they still look like new."

-Bart Vale, World Shootfighting Champ and Olympic Coach


"Thanks to Big Blue I can now practice techniques without killing my partner. These dummies are great for practicing sweeps and throws, because of the self supporting legs. At the same time the legs will bend if you want to roll with the Blue Dude."

-Sal Ambrosino, Product Tester, and Martial Arts Instructor



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