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We offer a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects!



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Frameless Children's


Firefighter and Rugged Red

Upper and lower legs are protected with spray-on liner reinforced with polyuria to give your investment longer life. Same material used for spray-on truck bed liners!

Back area reinforced with 18oz. heavy gauge vinyl.

Drag Harness comes with Hazmat or Rugged Red Rescue Dummy purchase.

Econo Man

Econo Man














A light weight adult sized training dummy that won't break the bank. Great for disaster scenarios such as search and rescue or mass casualty training situations.

Made with a foam filler. Height 6ft. Weight 17#

Price $395 + S&H

Buy a 4 pack of Econo Man and Save!

Color Grey $1,500 per 4

*Clothing not included.

"A Day in The Life of a Firefighter" Future Firefighter Jason dragging Kids Rugged Red



Tough! Tough! Tough! Rugged Red Drag Rescue Dummies

We make the Rugged Red's so well, it may be the last training dummy your department will ever need DUE TO OUR TRIPLE LAYERS OF PROTECTION!.

We cover the back and entire legs on both sides with truck-bed liner!

Our Drag/Rescue dummy is used by:

  • Military Personnel
  • White House Security Police
  • Fires Science Training Academies
  • VA Hospitals
  • Colleges Safety Teams
  • Emergency Personnel
  • Police and Fire Departments to train in rescue maneuvers such as smoke filled or collapsed buildings, ladder and pole-top carry-down procedures and confined spaces.
Weighted Belt

Weighted Belt for Rugged Reds

This new product will allow you to increase the weight of your Rugged Red Rescue Dummy by extra 25#.

Price is $109 + SH.

Weighted with sand and foam filler for extra protection, these dummies can be placed flat on their back or in a sitting position. The weight is distributed properly to assure human-like feel.

  • Two pockets on the front for thermal imaging training capabilities. All that is necessary is inserting hand warmers into the pockets.
  • Replaceable mittens to protect hand areas.
  • Handles on chest for better gripping and control.(Handles on shoulders optional)
  • Can be placed in a sitting position or flat on his back.
  • Has a heavy hose inside to give the arms a sturdy feel and prevent pinching when lifting for dragging.
  • The lower legs are 2 pieces joined together with fasteners that are easy to remove for replacement. No tedious rope weaving through small holes. Removing lower legs can decrease weight by 25 pounds.
  • The back is reinforced with heavy weight vinyl to give your high-wear areas lasting protection. Or you have the option of sprayed truck-liner on the back of the torso.

*Note: If one side wears out, just flip it over.

We offer a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects!

We cost a bit more due to the cost involved in making our products. Rest assured you are getting the most durable and long lasting training dummies available!

Rugged Red Drag Rescue Dummy Series Specifications & Prices:



Regular Model

Extrication Model

Option 1

180 Pound Drag/Rescue Dummy




165 Pound Drag/Rescue Dummy




150 Pound Drag/Rescue Dummy



Option 2

Upgrade back area vinyl covering to truck bed liner for additional fee of:



Option 3

Kid's Rugged Red



  48" Kid's Model 40 Pound $605
  42" Kid's Model 30 Pound $550

(Prices are in U.S. currency. Please contact us for quotes. Quotes within the USA are guaranteed for 90 days. Quotes for overseas shipping are guaranteed for 30 days. Shipping & Handling rates vary by product.)







Who We Are-

US Marine CorpsOK Fine Productions is a Service Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business. We can provide a sole source letter for our business and are registered on the SAM. Our Duns Number is 019684088.

Shown above and below is the Rugged Red Extrication model with folding arms.

Rugged Red is built to last with reinforced stitching and rugged fasteners. Above is the Extrication Model with articulating arms.

Rugged Red Option 1 with vinyl covering on back.

Rugged Red Option 2 with Truck Bed Liner upgrade on back.

"Our Sheriff's Office has been using the Rugged Red drag dummies for several years now and we have been thrilled with their durability. We went through several brands prior to using the Rugged Red and they were destroyed during our training and physical fitness qualifications. We have several variations of the Rugged Red dummies now and they have all held up flawlessly throughout our very harsh treatment. The 25lb weight belt provided by OK Fine Productions has helped safely change our drag dummy weight and is just as robust and reliable as the Rugged Red. Training dummies are essential for helping keep our deputies in shape and prepared for real life emergencies and these are hands down the best we've used. I can't speak highly enough about the help and service provided by OK Fine Productions...buy from them with ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE."


Corporal David Marsh Forsyth, County Sheriff's Office, April 19, 2016





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