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OK Fine Productions is a small, service disabled veteran-owned company that makes the longest lasting training dummies available.

The Original U.S. Manufacturers & Sole Distributors of All-Purpose Training Dummies - Made in America!

We offer a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects!



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Cygnus Group/Law Enforcement Technology, Firehouse.com and Officer.com selected "Hazmat/Water Rescue Dummy" by OK Fine Productions as a finalists in the Training category of the 2009 Innovation Awards Program.



HAZMAT Water Rescue Dummy

Big BlueReal Human-like Weight for Realistic Training!

Our Hazmat Decontamination / Water Rescue Dummy is multipurpose and made with special waterproof materials that can withstand continuous wet conditions. When used for water rescue it sits at a 45 degree angle with just the head and shoulders floating above the water.

Just hang to dry!


Training Session Tower Recovery shown on the right.

We offer a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects!


The photos below and on the right show HAZMAT Decontamination training at a hospital. By: Kipp Sanders, Ready Response Training

The photos below and on the left show underwater rescue recovery training session in River Rescue Unit in Pittsburgh, PA.


HazMat/Water Rescue Dummy Specifications & Prices:




Five Feet, Ten Inches

Dry Weight approximately 120# (When removing from water, weight is approximately 150#-160#. Water drains quickly.) Drag Harness comes with Hazmat or Rugged Red Rescue Dummy


Shown above is an order of our Multi-Purpose dummies with a combination of the Haz/Water Rescue dummy with extra Rugged Red legs.

Multi-Purpose Dummy

Regular Package w/unfilled Legs

Regular Package w/filled Legs

Combination Dummy: Haz/Water Rescue Dummy with extra Rugged Red Legs (Entire backside is reinforced with 18oz. heavy weight vinyl.) Allows water rescue training, decontamination training and by adding Rugged Red legs, simulate an unconscious victim for dragging and agility training. Drag weight is approximately 150 lbs.




(Prices are quoted in U.S. currency. Shipping & Handling rates vary by product. Please contact us for quotes. Quotes within the USA are guaranteed for 90 days. Quotes for overseas shipping are guaranteed for 30 days.)


Who We Are-

US Marine CorpsOK Fine Productions is a Service Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business. We can provide a sole source letter for our business and are registered on the SAM. Our Duns Number is 019684088.





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